Venster is a highly native Windows GUI toolkit for Python based on the ctypes ffi library.

The aim of Venster is to be a very lightweight wrapper around the standard Win32 API, making it easy to write slick windows applications in pure Python.

Please note that Venster is currently alpha code, and it is provided to get feedback from the Windows and Python developer communities.

Despite being alpha, it is also already very useful and can certainly be used to succesfully create native windows programs in Python.
Combine Venster with py2exe to create windows executables and NSIS to create an installer, and you have a great way to deliver Python programs to your users on the Windows platform.

Click on this link to download an example of a Windows application created with Venster.

This example shows that Venster can be used to create standalone Windows applications in Python with minimal runtime requirements.
Everything is included within the 800Kb package and the program can be installed on any Windows machine with no additional downloads.

Venster is an open source library and is hosted at Sourceforge.

Mailing list

A mailing list for general discussion on Venster is hosted by sourceforge. You can join the list here...

Tutorial and HOWTO's

The essential Venster example: 'Hello World'

Howto create a dialog from a resource DLL


Information for developers who want to contribute can be found here ...

Installing Venster


Any suggestions, patches etc can be mailed to, please substitute the underscore with '@' before mailing me. Logo